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Contest Winners

November 2018 - Contest Winners

Here are the winners for November 2018 !!!


Michael Williams - Des Moines, IA

Lloyd Edoo - Philadelphia, PA

Peter Chin - Vallejo, CA

Tim Warren - Shelbyville, TN

Stan Piernick - New Braunfels, TX

Casey Franzen - Stanley, WI

Park V Poche - Georgetown, TX

Mark Knight - Groveland, MA

Vince Wisecarver - Erwin, TN

Dan Klister -  Reeseville, WI


The people listed above have won a Seam Buster Chisel ($29.00 value)!

Features and Benefits:

  • Chisel tip for starting seam separation
  • Chisel edge for easily moving along seam
  • Easily separate spot welded or bonded panels
  • Save up to 15 minutes per panel replacement
  • For quarter panels, rockers and any other pinchweld
  • Sharpened on two edges. The sharp end allows for penetration between the panels and the side edge allows for side impact to drive the panels apart without damage
  • Super tough alloy steel
  • Cushioned handle absorbs shock


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October 2018 - Contest Winners

Here are the winners for October 2018 !!!


Bruce Herve - Milford, NJ

Michael Kozlovsky - Ennis, TX

Scott Hoberg - Tryon, NE

Robert Bisacca - Fanning Springs, FL

Donald H. Stott - West Point, UT

Dave Conwell - Terre Haute, Indiana

Jerry Livengood - Kannapolis, NC

Wayne Demers - Methuen, MA

Rick Farley - Charleston SC

Kennith Galbreath -  Justin, TX





September 2018 - Contest Winners

Here are the winners for September 2018 !!!


Demetry - Brooklyn, NY

Shirley Martin - Collinwood,TN

Jeff Lewis - Goldsboro,NC

Kevin Nugent - Dorset, OH

Lee Bowman - Hastings, MI

Artisan A/B LLC - Buhl, ID

Karen Ramirez - Irving, TX

Jim Warren - Owensboro, KY 

Mark Roling - St. Louis, MO

Robert Root - Ft. Meyers, FL


August 2018 - Contest Winners

Here are the winners for August 2018 !!!


Keith Schleeter - Smyrna, TN

Donnie Wayne - Pleasureville, KY

Len Leong - Millbrae, CA

Kevin Cullingford - Charlotte, NC